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Denson's wants to thank our good friends at Halls Supermarket for coming to our rescue Friday evening! We were scheduled for a very large off-site catering and were short some poundage of Fresh Cut Beef. We gave Emily a call late that evening and asked her for a particular cut. Jennifer, one of their butchers took the time to hand cut what we needed. And yes, this occurred after the butcher block had been cleaned for the day. You can always count on the BEST customer service and products at Hall's. You can also expect lots of smiles and hugs. Thank you to Hall's and Staff for being here for our region!
2019-12-15 14:25:53
We open at 11AM with BIG, FAT, JUICY and LOCAL Monrovia Farm Cheeseburgers, A Grilled Pimento Cheese with Neuske's Applewood Smoked Bacon and Ripe Tomato Sandwich, and...our delicious Oyster Stew..Oh...Also Shrimp or Oyster Po Boys and Blackened, Grilled and Fried Rockfish Sandwiches.
2019-12-14 15:27:27
Here are some nice 'Last Minute' gifting ideas... For the Chesapeake Bay Enthusiast, Here are our Denson's Long Sleeve Tees! 100% Cotton Comfort Color Tees with what we think is a wonderful representation of working on the Bay. Not flashy, just 'Bay Worthy'. We also have some Denson's Denim Visors and Trucker Hats. And for that special gift for those love ones that truly enjoy Fresh, Never Frozen 'Wild Caught' Seafood of Choice Grade Beef... There is always the Denson's Gift Certificate!
2019-12-14 15:21:46
Denson's Catering has become a significant part of our total operations. For your next special event or Meeting, please give us an email at
2019-12-13 18:14:10
We are full for tonight's Dinner Service! We will have counter seating available on a 1st Come/1st Serve Basis.
2019-12-13 16:26:59
Just so there is no confusion like last Friday...WE WILL be open for lunch beginning at 11AM Today just seems to be a great day to enjoy a cup of Oyster Stew and a BIG, FAT, JUICY, and LOCAL Monrovia Farm Cheeseburger! Something new on our menu...The Grilled Pimento Cheese, Neuske's Applewood Smoked Bacon and Tomato Sandwich Our full Friday Lunch Menu NORTHERN NECK OYSTER STEW Freshly shucked, sweet and Plump Oysters , Oyster Liquor, Butter, Sea Eagle Seasoning, and a ‘Splash’ of Heavy Cream for Color- SHRIMP BISQUE Wild Carolina White Shrimp served up as a House Made Creamy Bisque LIVERWURST SANDWICH Yummy Boar’s Head Brand Liverwurst, Hand Sliced, topped with Red onion and served on Rye with your choice of Yellow Mustard, Spicy Mustard, Duke’s Mayo, or no spread at all OYSTER SANDWICH (6) Fried Tilghman Island, MD Oysters coated with House Autry and Fried until Golden. Served on a toasted Roll GRILLED PIMENTO, BACON AND TOMATO SANDWICH Our House Made Pimento cheese, Neuske’s Applewood Bacon, Tomato and Williamsburg Sauce on sourdough bread. Grilled Until Crispy NEW YORK STYLE REUBEN Thinly cut Boar’s Head Bottom Round Corned Beef Piled High, topped with Sauerkraut, and Lacey Swiss Cheese on Rye. Finished with Russian Dressing. Grilled and served hot and crispy. GRILLED, BLACKENED, OR FRIED CHESAPEAKE BAY ROCKFISH SANDWICH A Generous Hand Cut Portion of our region’s beloved and favorite fish. Served Grilled, Blackened or fried. Served on a Soft Roll with Crispy Green Leaf Lettuce and a Slice of Ripe Local Tomato FRIED OYSTER OR SHRIMP PO’ BOY Fresh, Sweet and Plump Oysters OR Large and Sweet Carolina White Shrimp fried until Golden. Served with Shredded Lettuce, Diced Tomato and Remoulade on an ‘Authentic’ Leidenheimer (New Orleans, LA) Po’ Boy Roll HOUSEMADE PORK RINDS AND PIMENTO CHEESE We fry our own Pork rinds and they arrive to you still cracklin’. Dusted with Old Bay, served with our ‘House Made’ Pimento Cheese. FRIED FRESH CALAMARI WITH TENTACLES- We ‘Hand Cut’ fresh Squid Tubes into rings, lightly coated with house Autry and Fried until Golden. Drizzled with Sweet Chili Sauce
2019-12-13 15:33:28

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