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From the Southside Sentinel a while back! A Very nice article about our Restaurant!
2018-10-17 16:32:14
This Week, We will be open for Lunch Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We will be open for Dinner, Thursday and Friday. The Denson's Catering Team will be with our friends at Red Dragon Brewery on Princess Anne Street in Fredericksburg on Saturday serving up our Oysters and Crab Cakes! It is RDB's 2nd Anniversary Celebration. Thursday and Friday's Dinner promises to be delicious. Rocky sourced some Fresh Milk Fed Veal (Osso Bucco) that he plans to Braise and serve with Slow Cooked and Seasoned Collard Greens and Sweet Potato Mash! Also on the Menu...Stuffed Atlantic Flounder! For Reservations, call us today until 3PM at 804.224.4121
2018-10-17 14:22:36
Pretty excited about what is coming our way this weekend. Our Salad Mix....LOCAL!, Our Greens Mix (That we will Sautee with Olive Oil and Fresh Garlic), Fresh Sweet Potatoes (White and Red)....LOCAL that we will be cutting into Wedges, Blanched, and Fried until Crispy. Served with Spicy Aioli! We love Fresh, Never Frozen Food at Denson's. Prepared with Love and Passion.
2018-10-15 23:31:06
Getting orders in so we can have a wonderful Weekend Menu! Here is what we are looking at (So Far) for LUNCH,,,As long as all orders are filled!! CHIEF BERNIE'S (After our Son) NAVY BEAN SOUP, served with a House Made Cheddar Biscuit GRILLED RIBEYE STEAK SANDWICH...Fresh 'USDA Choice Grade' Ribeye, Gently Seasoned, Grilled and served on a 'Toasted' Sub Roll with Picante Provolone Cheese, Sauteed Sweet Peppers & Onions, Crispy Green Leaf Lettuce, Hanover Tomato, and of course....Duke's Mayo. FRIED FLOUNDER SANDWICH- Fresh (NEVER FROZEN) Atlantic Flounder, dipped in Buttermilk, coated with House Autry and fried until golden. Served on a Soft Roll with Sliced Local Red Onion, Crispy Green Leaf Lettuce, A Slice of Hanover Tomato and Tartar. Dinner Specials will be poster soon. Torn between Braised Beef ribs or Cowboy Cut Ribeye! We are also looking at Rocky's Delicious Meatloaf!
2018-10-15 23:15:57
At Denson's, We take our Menu Seriously. Sure, we could always get products like Calamari, Shrimp, Fish and Oysters pre-breaded and ready for the fryer (It might be or May Not be cold in the Middle). But we don't think like that. Every Seafood Menu Item that you enjoy at Denson's is Fresh and NEVER Frozen and Breaded Per Order. The Shrimp has never met a freezer and we stick by that claim (And it is Wild Caught)! Also the Fish, Oysters and Calamari (That is why the Calamari is soooooo Tender) Ask us where we souce this Freshness, and we are happy to tell you! Our "Wild Caught' Fresh Fish and Shrimp.....United Shellfish of Grasonville, MD, Our Fresh Crab Meat and Fresh Oysters.....3rd Generation Capt. Faunce Seafood of Montross, VA. We Feel Fresh Seafood should come from vendors that Specialize (Not from those Big Truck Folks)...We recognize that, and we stick to it. Sure, it costs a 'Bit' More, but we think it is worth it. By the Way, did you know that around 90% of the Shrimp that is served and consumed in the U.S. is Imported and Farm raised? Not at Denson's...We serve 100% Fresh, Never Frozen 'Wild Caught" East Coat Shrimp. And the Crab Meat....Well, It is LOCAL. At Denson's...Our Crab Meat is 100% Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab. When the Season is in...We serve it. When the Season is out....We Don't. PERIOD! If you are paying for the BEST, Expect the BEST! Our Sources are listed on our menu and the products are not Generalized, but detailed on our Menu!
2018-10-11 13:00:01
Here is Washintonian Magazine's article about Oysters and our Northern Neck! Denson's is proud to represent Colonial Beach!
2018-10-10 23:15:34

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