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We had the honor of serving the lovely ladies of Parker Farms today. What a great group and also a great farm known throughout the Eastern Seaboard offering fresh and amazing vegetables. Located in beautiful Oak Grove, VA!
2019-04-19 16:28:13
We are fortunate to have some wonderful and supportive vendors. Here is our Winebow Account Representative Ryan checking out the Andes! He is currently touring wineries in Chile and Argentina. Wine is his life, and we can't wait to see what he will be recommending when he returns. We are proud of our wine selection and it's folks like Ryan that help make Denson's unique! And Ryan...Thanks for the representation! We love it!
2019-04-19 01:42:04
A Denson's Specialty! Chesapeake 'Jumbo Lump' Crab Roll served with Old Bay Buttered Sweet Corn and our House Made Cole Slaw.
2019-04-18 23:15:42
Here is Tonight's Menu at Denson's! In Addition, if you would like to enjoy a 14 Ounce USDA Choice Grade Delmonico Steak...Just let us know! We will be taking reservations beginning at 10AM.804.224.4121. The weather forcast looks beautiful, so it looks like we will be opening LeGrand's Patio. GRILLED AND RAW OYSTERS- RAW ON THE HALF SHELL AND SERVED OVER CRUSHED ICE. SERVED WITH A LEMON WEDGE. (COCKTAIL AND MIGNONETTE AVAILABLE BY REQUEST) ASK YOUR SERVER ABOUT OUR AVAILABLE VARIETIES AND THEIR PROFILES • GRILLED ‘DENSON’S STYLE’ OYSTERS-Garlic, butter and seasonings. Finished with parmesan cheese • GRILLED ROCKEFELLER OYSTERS- Fresh Spinach, Bacon, Garlic, Cream Sauce. Finished with Parmesan • GRILLED CACKALACKY OYSTERS- A Delicious, yet spicy butter sauce made from Cackalacky Hot Sauce (Pittsboro, NC). Topped with diced celery and finished with blue cheese crumbles. • OYSTER SHOOTER- $3.00 • OYSTER STEW- Denson’s Recipe! Fresh Oysters, Oyster Liquor, Butter, Sea Eagle, and a little heavy cream for color- $9.99 CUP $15.99 BOWL BLUE CRAB BISQUE- Jumbo Lump Blue Crab in a delicious and Rich Bisque- DENSON’S AWARD WINNING CRAB CAKE SANDWICH- Our first of the season crab cake made with only 100% Freshly picked Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab.- FRIED GREEN TOMATO WITH CLAW- 3 slices of Fried Green Tomato topped with Sweet Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab Claw Meat and finished with a ‘Drizzle’ of Seafood Aioli- CHESAPEAKE CRAB MELT- Delicious! 2 Halves of an English Muffin, Toasted and topped with a Fried Green Tomato, Kite’s Country Ham, Fresh Made Crab Salad and finished in our broiler with Vermont Cheddar- CHESAPEAKE BAY CRAB ROLL PLATE- Think New England Lobster Roll, but replace the Lobster with Jumbo Lump Blue Crab. Served up in a toasted Split top New England Roll. Served with Old Bay Buttered Sweet Corn and our House Made Slaw.- FRIED OYSTER SANDWICH- (6) Select Grade Chesapeake Bay Region Oysters, coated with House Autry and Fried until Golden. Served on a Soft Roll- FRIED, GRILLED OR BLACKENED CHESAPEAKE BAY ROCKFISH SANDWICH Fresh, Never Frozen Chesapeake Bay Rockfish Grilled, Fried (Using House Autry Breading), or Blackened. Served on a Soft Roll.- FRIED OYSTER PLATE- (10) Sweet, Plump, freshly Shucked Chesapeake Region Oysters, lightly coated with House Autry and Fried until Golden. Served with our Hand cut Fries and creamy house made Cole Slaw- BIG, FAT, JUICY AND LOCAL MONROVIA FARM BURGER Delicious Ground Beef from Grass Fed/Grain Finished Angus sourced from our good friends at Monrovia Farm of Westmoreland County, VA (A Virginia Century Farm).- HALF POUND OF LARGE, FRESH NEVER FROZEN CAROLINA WHITE SHRIMP (FRIED, GRILLED OR BLACKENED)PLATE- Sweet, Delicious and Large Carolina White Shrimp prepared your favorite way. Served with our Hand Cut Fries, House Made Ketchup, Our Creamy Cole Slaw Lemon Wedges, Saltines and Cocktail- LENTEN SEASON FRIED FISH PLATE- Fresh Haddock, coated with House Autry and Fried until Golden. Served with our Hand Cut Fries and our House Made Cole Slaw.- LOW COUNTRY ‘PEEL & EAT’ PLATE- A Half Pound of Fresh, Never Frozen Carolina White Shrimp, Perfectly Spiced and Served with Fresh Lemon, Saltines and Tulkoff Cocktail Sauce- FRESH, NEVER FROZEN ‘HAND CUT’ POINT JUDITH, RHODE ISLAND CALAMARI-We ‘Hand Cut’ Fresh Squid Tubes and give them a coat of House Autry and give them a ‘Quick Fry’ Served with Fried Squid Tentacles. Finished with a drizzle of Sweet chili Sauce.- HOUSEMADE PORK RINDS WITH DENSON’S PIMENTO CHEESE-We fry our own Pork rinds and they come to you warm and still Crackling. Served with our House Made Pimento Cheese- AVOCADO WITH BLACKENED SHRIMP SALAD- Fresh Avocado, Blackened Carolina White Shrimp, Chopped Romaine, Red Onion, Tomato, and Cilantro tossed with Wasabi/Yuzu and Lime Dressing. Finished with Rice Noodles- AVAILABLE SIDES DENSON’S LOADED BLOODY MARY- We take our Bloody Mary’s Seriously! Using an amazing mix ‘Blood Brothers’, we ‘Rim’ our 16 Ounce Glass with Old Bay, and give a generous pour of Saki. Then comes the Loaded Part. Lime Wedge, Olive & Baby Onion Skewer, Celery (Of Course), Chilled Large Shrimp, and a Slice of Neuske’s Applewood Smoked Bacon- DENSON’S CRISPY BRUSSELS SPROUTS-(With Balsamic Reduction) HAND CUT FRIES-Hand cut at Denson’s. Served with our House Made Ketchup HOUSE MADE CREAMY COLE SLAW FRIED GREEN TOMATOES- (2) Fried Green Tomatoes finished with Remoulade- CUCUMBER WITH ONION SALAD- OLD BAY BUTTERED SWEET CORN- MAC & CHEESE-
2019-04-18 11:21:48
On our Menu this weekend!!!! Westmoreland Berry Farm Fresh Cut Asparagus. Great as a Side with one of our award winning Crab Cakes made with Blue Crab Meat from Capt. Faunce Seafood or with a BIG, FAT, JUICY and LOCAL Monrovia Farm Cheeseburger!
2019-04-17 22:12:07
2019-04-17 17:31:03

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